Hi, I'm Kimberly and I'm So Happy You're Here!

photo by  lauren bernard

My name is Kimberly and I am the Owner and Director of Events at Olive & Rose Events located in Pittsburgh, PA.  I tend to talk and write a lot, but if we are going to work together, you should probably know a little bit about me.  I’m not going to tell you that I dreamt of being an event coordinator ever since I was a little girl.  In all fairness, I’m not sure I even knew that “event coordinator” was a profession until I got older.  However, once I knew that I could take my type A personality, creativity and knack for over-organizing and turn it into a career, I was hooked.  I actually studied Fashion Merchandising at both Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.  Yes, I turned 21 while living in NYC and yes, it was the best year of my life.  Coming back to Pittsburgh after college, it was a bit challenging to find a job in the fashion industry.  I love this city to death, but it’s no NYC when it comes to fashion. 

Fast forward a couple of years and I started exploring careers outside of the fashion world.  I began looking at event planning and realized that it might be the perfect fit.  I sent my resume to every event planner in Pittsburgh and finally landed a job assisting at one of the more well-known planning companies at the time.  I quickly realized that I liked the job so much that I wanted to learn all I could and be able to eventually start my own company.  I went back to school at Point Park University for my MBA in Sports, Arts, and Entertainment.  After graduating from Point Park, I landed an event coordinator position with another successful event planning company in Pittsburgh and the rest is history.  Well, not really history – there was a lot of learning, hard work and networking in between then and now. 

Now that you know a little about my background, let’s talk about why you’re really here.  Chances are you have something majorly exciting going on in your life and you’re planning a celebration, but you feel slightly overwhelmed at all the decisions in front of you.  Trust me, I get it.  Band or DJ? Sit-down dinner or buffet? When do invitations get mailed?  There’s a ton to do and no one has ever taught you how to plan an event.  With all these questions building up in your head, you’ve decided to consider hiring an event planner.  Smart. Very smart.

There are a number of wonderful event planners in Pittsburgh and I know it can become overwhelming choosing the right one.  Even if you decide not to hire me, let me offer this piece of advice: Experience is key in this business.  It’s actually key for any of the vendors that you will be considering for your event.  Anyone can put up a website and claim to be an event planner or buy a DSLR camera and call themselves a photographer.  Do your research.  Event planning is a “learn on the job” career.  I’ve worked in the industry for eight years and the majority of what I know has come from my experiences.  I know what questions to ask, how to proactively avoid certain mishaps, which vendors are great to work with and how to stay on budget (such a pesky part of the planning).  I actually wrote an article on how to choose the perfect planner, you can read it here.  I’ve planned all types of events from weddings to social events to non-profit fundraisers.  No event is too big or too small.

What do you think?  Are you ready to work together?  Just contact me here and tell me a little bit about your event and how you think I can help.  I offer free 1-hour consultations in which we discuss your event and my services either over the phone or in person.  No pressure, just two new friends chatting about venues and cookie tables and our love for peonies.  I can’t wait to hear from you!