Featured Vendor - Rose Colored Creative

I absolutely love introducing you to some of my favorite Pittsburgh vendors and I couldn’t be more excited to have Sarah from Rose Colored Creative on the blog today.  I first got connected with Sarah when I was looking for a photographer to do some fashion related shots for my blog, Yes, Wear That!.  (You can check those photos out here – yeswearthat.com.)  Since that time, she has photographed one of our Style Social Pittsburgh events and just this past weekend, my baby shower (post coming soon)!  She has a great eye for capturing the perfect shot and makes you feel so at ease in front of the lens.  I’ve watched Sarah’s business really take off and I am always so impressed with her creativity and passion for photography.  She recently launched a separate branch, Rose Colored Creative Weddings, to highlight the wedding photography side of her business.  You can check out some of Sarah’s work on her websites - rosecoloredcreative.com and www.rosecoloredcreative.com/weddings and on Instagram @rccweddings .

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1.  Tell us a little bit about how you got started in photography.

When I was in high school my mom bought a DSLR to  get nice family pictures. I started taking it with me everywhere and just fell in love with the ability to communicate through images.

2.  What type of photography do you specialize in (bloggers, editorial, events, weddings etc.)?

I specialize in capturing authentic emotions and moments while highlighting the beauty surrounding; that can be found in bloggers, fashion, events and weddings.

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner Events

3.  How would you describe your photography style?

Colorful and authentic.

4.  Where do you draw inspiration for your various photo shoots?

Honestly, I find inspiration everywhere. I know, so vague… but I find if I really make myself present in all that I do, I see life differently which allows me to draw inspiration even from the mundane. In a more concise answer, my biggest inspiration is nature.

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner Events

5.  Since we live in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, what are some of your favorite Pittsburgh photo spots?

I am loving all of the colorful walls popping up around the city! They are my favorite for blogger shoots. Also, I’m obsessed with our city parks like Frick, Schenley and The Point.  You can get some really great nature shots then turn around or walk a little and get some great city shots.

6.  What has been your greatest accomplishment / biggest compliment since starting your photography business?

Oh boy, this is a tough question! I think my greatest accomplishment is just to have this brand and each and every business inquiry is a great compliment. The sheer fact that people are willing to pay me to create images of them truly amazes me. It is an honor to be welcomed into weddings and events and to be asked to represent brands with my work.

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner Events

7.  There seem to be more and more photographers out there every day – what do you think sets Rose Colored Creative apart from other photographers?

I try to focus on fashion and brands which a lot of photographers don’t really do. I also make a conscious effort to have authenticity show through my images.  By a. not retouching too much and b. just letting my subject's unique personality shine through. I also have a very girly brand.  While that would obviously make men a little wary to work with me, I think it has given women a sense of comfort reaching out to me. They know they are in the care of a woman who understands women.

8.  What do you think is one mistake people make / misconception they have when choosing a photographer for their wedding / event?

I think there are various misconceptions or mistakes that could happen in hiring a photographer for your wedding, but one of the biggest I see is the lack of connection and common ground / understanding between the photographer and the client. If the photographer doesn’t get to know the client or doesn’t understand them or their relationship, chances are high that it will translate in the photos. Having a connection with your photographer results in a better outcome.

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner Events

9.  You recently created Rose Colored Creative Weddings as a branch of RCC.  Tell us about that decision.

I initially created Rose Colored Creative to separate my personal pictures and life from all of my client work. In that, I created this specific brand of girly pink and fashion and blogger shoots where my engagement and wedding work still didn’t have a place to be showcased. I decided to create a branch of RCC because I felt the weddings and engagements I shoot also need to be shared! RCC Weddings  has it’s own site and Instagram, you can follow along at www.rosecoloredcreative.com/weddings and www.instagram.com/rccweddings.

10.  We love to ask all of our interviewees, if someone is thinking about taking the leap into starting his or her own business, what advice would you offer?

Don’t give up!

Pittsburgh Wedding Planner Events

11.  If someone is interested in your services, what’s the best way to get the ball rolling?

Send me an email! hi@rosecoloredcreative.com I love to talk and I love to meet people, get coffee, etc. Also check out my sites www.rosecoloredcreative.com and www.rosecoloredcreative.com/weddings.