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my venue has a coordinator - do I still need a separate planner?

my venue has a coordinator - do I still need a separate planner?

This is a great question - and our answer 99% of the time is YES! We absolutely love working with venue coordinators (we'd estimate that close to 75% of the weddings we do involve a venue coordinator). However, our role and their role is usually quite different. While venue coordinators will handle venue aspects of the day - room layout, sometimes catering, etc. - they won't be creating a day-of timeline for you or attending your floral meetings or calling your transportation company to make sure they are on time. We like to think of it as a partnership between our team and the venue - you benefit by having every aspect of your day covered! 

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The Olive & Rose team is currently made up of Kimberly, our Founder and Principal Planner, Susy, our Senior Planner and two Lead Planners, Shelby and Kristy. We also have a team of assistants. No matter what package you choose, you will always have at least your lead planner and one assistant with you on your wedding day. For Full Service Planning, you will have a lead and two assistants. Additional assistants may also be added for things such as a large guest count, extensive set-up or tear-down or an event that is taking place in multiple locations. These type of additions are always discussed with you and we will recommend additional assistants if we feel it's necessary to make your day a success!

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We're gonna go ahead and mark this one as "FALSE." While a wedding planner will certainly save you time, headaches and possibly money throughout the planning process - the idea that we get "vendor discounts" is pretty outdated. Our team only recommends professional vendors that have proven themselves time and time again through their work, professionalism, communication and willingness to work as part of a larger team. These vendors know what they are worth and they are going to book up fast - without offering any discounts. This isn't to say a planner won't save you money in other ways. We have plenty of tips up our sleeves and are always up-front about where you can "cut" and still have the wedding of your dreams! Talk to your planner about the best ways to maximize your budget. 

Most couples start planning at least 9 - 12 months out from the desired wedding date. If you start planning even earlier, you'll likely have a much easier time securing your top choice date, venue and vendors. If you have less time, don't panic - we've pulled together events under a stricter timeline. If you're looking for Full Service Planning, we recommend you book us right away - like go now and book us! Regardless of the package you go with, the earlier we can start with you in the process, the better. We'll be able to recommend vendors, offer advice and get you started on the right foot to avoid any costly mistakes down the road.

Great question! We do not require you to use any specific vendors. That being said, we've spent years tweaking our Vendor Referral list and always encourage you to use tried and true professional vendors for your event. Though Uncle Bill might have a kick-ass sound system, that doesn't make him a great choice for your wedding DJ. Choosing vetted and professional vendors ensures you can have peace of mind on your wedding day knowing that all details are handled and someone with experience is on your team.

We are a team of four lead planners, so we are able to take more than one wedding on any given day. However, your lead planner will never be booked for anything else on your day. We also try our best to not book back to back wedding days. We want each couple to get that undivided attention as their day approaches. 

Absolutely! We love to travel and are happy to pack our bags and plan events in new places. We do charge for mileage and accommodations. We're happy to give you a customized quote for these services!

We require a 20% retainer be paid once you sign the contract. Your final payment is due 21 days out from your event date. Depending on the time from your contract signing and event date, we try and break your total down into one or two additional payments. 

Our retainer fee is 20% of the package price and is paid once you sign the contract. This fee holds the date for you - meaning we do not book anything else on your date. Therefore, the retainer fee is never refundable.

Kimberly started as a planner over 13 years ago (showing her age). She initially worked for two other event planning companies in the Pittsburgh area before launching her own business. Susy started with the team over 5 years ago and has been an extremely valuable asset ever since. Shelby and Kristy both started as assistants with the Olive & Rose Team and worked their way up to lead planners. Both also came to Olive & Rose with a background in events. Shelby with the Heinz History Center and Kristy with Pitt University.

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